Part of our mission here at Rocket 5 is that we want to teach kids of all ages that there’s more to video games than just playing them – you can make games too! Below you’ll find links to tutorials that we’ve written to help get you started. Also check out this post in our blog which talks about the the different kinds of jobs that are available in the games industry.

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Animating Quadrupeds

Animating animals is usually fun, but can often be complicated and technical. Figuring out what to do with all those legs can really trip up an animator.

Unity Tutorials That Use Unity’s Built-In Sprite and 2D Physics tools

Our latest Unity 3D tutorials that focus on making 2D games using Unity’s Built-In Sprite and 2D Physics tools that were added in Unity 4.3.

Make A 2D Game In Unity3D Using Free 3rd Party Plugins

Here’s a video tutorial from a 2D in Unity workshop that I did for Toronto Skillswap which uses the Orthello sprite plugin to handle sprite creation and animation.

This tutorial series teaches you how to make a 2D game with Unity3D using only free tools and scripts so that you can get started making your own games without any initial investment.

Creating 2D Games With Unity3D

Another tutorial series on creating games with Unity3D, but this one uses the popular Sprite Manager 2 plugin.

Photoshop and Corona SDK

These tutorials come with a good mix of handy Photoshop scripts and Corona SDK workflows.

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  • Giant Moto: High flying arcade style motocross action!
  • Small Space: Fly a spaceship, eat space creatures, score point!
  • Holeshot Drag Racing: High speed drag racing action!
  • Alien Booth: Transform pictures of your friends into awesome aliens!
  • iSpoof Walken: A hilarious look into the world of Christopher Walken!
  • Gaga Eyes: Transform pictures of your friends to give them huge anime eyes!