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Small Space for iPhone Hits the App Store

Small Space, our 3rd game for iPhone hit the iTunes App Store today! The object of the game is to make your ship as big as possible by eating the little green guys (Yummies) and then safely delivering them to the yellow space station (Hungry). The bigger you are when you reach Hungry, the more points you’ll get!

Small Space brings unique gameplay to the iPhone – the gameplay appears simple at first – just collect a few green guys and return them to the space station. But the more green guys you eat, the bigger your ship gets so the harder it becomes to avoid the bad guys (Meany and Grabby).

With great risk comes great reward; the bigger you are when you return to the station the more points you’ll get for a successful delivery. And that’s important because Small Space is OpenFeint Enabled with 31 Leaderboards and over 30 Achievements!

Be sure to follow the discussion on the touchArcade forums!

Download Small Space today!

Announcing Small Space for iPhone and Touch

Rocket 5 Studios is proud to announce our 3rd game for iPhone, Small Space is nearing completion. This is our first game to include OpenFeint integration & we’re taking full advantage of Leaderboards & Achievements addictive qualities with 31 Leaderboards and over 30 Achievements! Small Space also features a trippy dynamic ambient audio system.

In Small Space the goal is to make your ship as big as possible by eating little green guys (Yummies) and then delivering them to the yellow space station (Hungry). Small Space is all about risk vs. reward – by getting bigger & bigger you increase the risk of having your Yummies stolen or worse! But the bigger you are when you deliver the Yummies to Hungry, the higher your score will be!

small space

small space

Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to our launch date on the AppStore!

Giant Moto v1.1 With 4 New Tracks

Giant Moto v1.1 is now available on the App Store and includes 4 new tracks, a new icon and a few other fixes and improvements. Download Giant Moto v1.1

What’s new in v1.1:
  • Added 4 new tracks!
  • Improved steering sensitivity
  • Fixed bug where front wheel would sometimes get stuck in track
  • Added “more games” button to title screen, discover other hot games!
  • Boost temperature overheat rate is now slower on Easy and Normal difficulty settings
  • New icon

Here’s a new video that shows 1 of the 4 new tracks:

Giant Moto is One of Apple’s Hot New Games

Giant Moto has been featured by Apple in their “Hot New Games” and “New And Noteworthy” lists! This is about the best thing that an indie game developer could hope for as it means major front-page exposure for the game!

Before being featured, sales for Giant Moto were pretty good but since the feature our sales have quadrupled! I’m planning to do another post soon to go over the first 2 weeks sales data in more detail.

To give you a quick idea of how well Giant Moto is doing, on the US sales charts it’s currently:
  • #5 top paid Racing Game
  • #15 top paid Arcade Game
  • #53 top paid game in the US!

That’s out of more than 50,000 games on the app store! Around the world it’s in:
  • 2 top 5 stores
  • 6 top 10 stores
  • 32 top 100 stores
  • 47 top 500 stores

Giant Moto as it appears in the iTunes game store:
Giant Moto New and Noteworthy