Holeshot Drag Racing

Holeshot Drag Racing was inspired by the Redline handheld game from the 1980’s. But unlike the old handheld, you get to see & control the cars as they race down the track!

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Not just an arcade game, this is the most realistic drag racing game available on the iPhone and Touch! And it’s a fun reaction time tester too!

Drag racers, racing fans, and casual gamer will enjoy the challenge and excitement of getting a fast reaction time off the starting line and shifting gears as they fly down the track in one of 17 different cars!

Play head-to-head on the same screen: Can’t decide who’s going to buy the beer? Take it to the dragstrip and let the loser buy the next round!

Put the pedal to the metal and then watch the tachometer and shift-light to change gears at just the right time. Shift too late and you could “breakout” or blow your engine. Shift too early and your opponent may beat you to the finish line. You control all the action including Pre-Staging and Staging!

Holeshot Drag Racing Features:
• 2 player racing on the same screen! Challenge your friends to a drag race anywhere you go!
• 1 player pits you against the computer with 3 different difficulty settings.
• Challenging and fun reaction time tester.
• 17 different cars to choose from, each one designed after real-world race and muscle cars.
• Each car has its own unique horsepower rating, shift ranges, dial-in times, and more!
• Choose from cars with 4, 5, and 6 speed transmissions, each with their own unique gear ratios.
• Easy to play for left and right handed drivers.
• Detailed Help screens explain the basics of drag racing.
• The Stats screen keeps track of your racing progress.
• Scoring system
• Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Online Features:
• Online Leaderbaords
• Awards / Achievements
• Post your scores and awards on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Shon sims

    Hello this is Shon sims I have your holes hot Dragracing Game on my phone and it will not reboot can you help ?

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