Check out Cathy’s article “Animating Four-Legged Beasts” on Gamasutra!

Hi Rocket 5 Friends!  This is Cathy, Rocket 5 Studios’ Art Director, and this is my first Rocket 5 blog post!

For those of you interested in animation, please check out my article that was published today in Gamasutra:  Animating Four-Legged Beasts!

I’ve used these notes to teach beast movement to both students and team members.  This article covers the walk cycle.  Check back here for more posts on animating the trot, the canter and the gallop cycles!

The adorable monkey demoing the walk is none-other than the star of one of our up-coming games.  Rocket 5 would like to thank the talents of Roger Liu and Shaun Budhram for the creation of my sweet monkey-bot, with additional kudos going out to David Huynh for his 11th hour help on Jet-Skate Jo-Jo.

A quick guide to animating animals.

There are a lot of free rigs floating around out there on the internet for animators to practice on.  Our friend, the multi-talented Paul Capon,  animated a great run animation that is referenced in the Gamasutra article.  He used the Nico rig. Rhett the Clydesdale is also pretty easy to use.

So get animating people! Love your craft! And as Don Bluth once said to me: “use reference”.