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XS Force Art and Level Progress

I’m taking a break this week from writing tutorials to show a bit of early XS Force level art. I say early because we’re still tuning the look – we’re heading for something that’s more stylized, less angular – but I thought it would be cool to show what we have at this point since it has been a while since we posted an XS Force development update.

A few days ago I started looking for a new way to build the game’s levels in Unity. I had been building levels from individual sprite tiles, each with their own collision that I made using 2D Toolkit‘s polygon collision editor. This actually works pretty well for building 2d sprite-based levels, but I wanted to be able to create more freeform/organic levels.

A quick search of the Unity Asset Store revealed a plugin called RageSpline. Turns out that RageSpline is great for quickly building vector graphics right inside Unity and also makes it easy to add face accurate collisions to the objects so you can lay down level art and collision at the same time.

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Announcing XS FORCE For iPhone and iPod Touch

XS FORCERocket 5 Studios is pleased to announce our latest game XS FORCE for iPhone and iPod Touch. XS FORCE is an arcade style character based shoot ’em up starring characters inspired by some of the biggest action movie stars of the 80’s and 90’s!

We’re planning to roll out a lot more info about the game over the next few weeks as we get closer to the Game Developer’s Conference 2011. On February 20th we’ll post a new teaser video introducing another one of our characters. And on March 2nd (GDC week!) we’ll post the third teaser video with even more gameplay details. In the meantime, here’s the first teaser video showcasing one of our heroes.

Update: Here’s teaser video #2 which introduces our 2nd playable character and shows off a bit more gameplay.

The team from Rocket 5 will be demoing XS FORCE at GDC 2011. If you would like to get an early look at the game, please contact tim at rocket5studios.com to set up a meeting.

Special thanks to czarnian for providing the music for the videos. You can hear more from him on ReverbNation!

Also be sure to bookmark the official XS FORCE website.