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Fan Expo Is Crazy About iSpoof Walken

What a wild and crazy weekend!! We saw amazing costumes (Mel and Becka), cool cars, tons of anime, exclusive toys, insane lineups, beautiful art, a crazy amount of comics and even a few celebrities! The Rocket 5 team sold hundreds of buttons, gave out thousands of flyers and tried our best to tell all 65,000 people about our latest app ‘iSpoof walken’! We demoed the app continuously … and let me just say…. people just can’t get enough Christopher Walken!!

The Rocket 5 team saw quite a bit of media attention Friday and Saturday. Kris and I were interviewed for podcasts, youtube channels and I think a cable television show. (We were too busy to ask who they were lol;) On top of that, Bojanna and Sarah talked to a writer from the Washington post who seemed to like the app.  (He was kinda more into Sar and Boj though) For such a small booth we attracted a lot of attention!!

I think our last day turned out to the best day though. Shortly after we did our 4th interview of the weekend, Kris was able to casually chat with some of the guys from The Electric Playground TV show!   We’re happy to say that Fubar (co-hosts of EP) bought the app and gave it his personal approval!! Shaun (co-host of EP) also really dug the app … what a great guy!

Also, It looks like EVERYONE wants iSpoof Arnold!!! EVERYONE just loved when Kris busted out the Arnold impression!  EVERYONE (and i mean everyone… kids, babys, old people, geeks, girls) seems to just love Schwarzenegger!

While all this app stuff was going on …. Rich (Artist and iSpoof Walken Colourist) and Kris were also pimping their new comic-book ‘Spy Guy’! If you like action, comedy, adult situations and mature themes get a copy of this comic … it’s 66 pages of awesomeness for only $5!! We’d also like to thanks for letting us have a section of his already product filled booth. (The man’s a saint)

In the end I think we got a lot of positive feedback from fans, exhibitors, media, artists and other game designers. We can’t wait for our next con!!! (E3???? Comic Con????)

iSpoof Walken Is A New & Noteworthy iPad App

iSpoof WalkenPow! I’m pretty much always looking in the app store to see if there’s anything new happening with one of our apps, but I always forget that there are different stores for the iPhone and iPad. So then I remembered I should check out the iPad store just in case iSpoof Walken might be Featured or something (one can hope!). And what should I find?.. iSpoof Walken is Featured in the Entertainment category under New & Noteworthy on the iPad store!

Here’s a cropped image of how it appears in the App Store:
iSpoof Walken is New and Noteworthy

iSpoof Walken is our first Universal app (it runs on iPhone & iPad) so I didn’t realize until now that Apple will Feature Universal apps on either of the stores (or probably both in some cases). So while it’s not featured on the iPhone store, it is on the iPad store. Cool.

This is the 3rd game/app in a row from Rocket 5 Studios that has been Featured by Apple on the App Store – Giant Moto was Featured in April, Small Space XL was featured in June and now iSpoof Walken! This is a pretty good sign that we’re doing something right here at Rocket 5 Studios.

iSpoof Walken Hits the App Store

iSpoof Walken iPhoneOur latest app, iSpoof Walken is now available on the iTunes store! This app (note I’m not calling it a game) is a bit of a departure for us as it’s our first Comedy / Entertainment / Celebrity Spoof app for iPhone and iPad (yep it’s Universal, another first for us)!

The original idea behind iSpoof Walken was that we wanted to make an awesome original soundboard app, but we didn’t want to do the usual screen-full-of-buttons like you’ll find in most soundboards. So we came up with the idea of presenting it in a scene like you’d find in an old-school Adventure Game – you can literally click on anything in the room and Mr. Walken will tell you 3 or 4 different crazy and hilarious stories about each object. There are 25 different interactive objects and over 150 unique lines. There’s even a magic 8-ball: touch it, ask a question and shake the iPhone/iPad to hear Walken’s response.

iSpoof Walken features an impressive impersonation of Christopher Walken by Kris Johnson, a very talented comedian who I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the near future! Joining Kris on the writing side is the equally brilliant Kevin Feraday who also did the art and audio recording.

iSpoof Walken is a Universal app which means it’ll run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download it from the App Store for the incredibly low low price of only 99 cents! Yes for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can enjoy this hilarious time waster. Tell your friends!