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Giant Moto Released On The App Store

Giant Moto is now available for immediate download from the App Store! I realize this post is coming a few days late, the game has actually been on the store since Saturday but I’ve been so totally swamped with emails and promotion (not to mention my day job doing contract level design!) that I haven’t had time to even post to my own blog. sheesh!

Some information about the development of Giant Moto:
– Total developers: 1, Tim Miller
– Engine: Unity iPhone
– Tools: Photoshop CS3, Maya 2008, Audacity
– Total Development time: 6 weeks

The game is currently #29 on the US charts in the Racing Category (not bad for only 3 days sales)! The internet buzz has been awesome, the preview video on youtube has been viewed over 4,000 times so far, and I have received requests from some major websites like CNET, MacRumors, touchArcade, SlideToPlay and others who want to review it. Cool! Hopefully you’ll start seeing some more mainstream press about the game over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the pitch:
Giant Moto is an action arcade racing game inspired by Excitebike. It features 6 different tracks with more coming in future updates! 4 cycle/rider colors to choose from. Challenging AI opponents with 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard) means fun for all ages! Realistic physics engine, killer graphics and motocross sounds.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, as I’ve been waiting for a truly excellent Excitebike-like game for the iPhone.” –touchArcade

So what are you waiting for? Download Giant Moto today!

Giant Moto iPhone

Giant Moto Press Previews

The excitement for Giant Moto is already starting to build in the gaming community!!!

Yesterday we were featured on the front page of touchArcade in their Upcoming Game Trailer Extravaganza post. This is really big news for Giant Moto because touchArcade is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) iPhone gaming website out there.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“There’s quite a few iPhone games in the works with trailers or gameplay videos that have been released recently that all look fairly promising. All of these games are in different stages of development, but each trailer is totally worth watching, especially the Giant Moto video if you have fond memories of Excitebike.”

I also sent Eli at touchArcade a preview build yesterday so hopefully they’ll do a dedicated feature and/or review of the game later on.

But that’s not all! The German website applay.de posted an Exklusiv-Preview: Giant Moto (Gameplay Video) yesterday! They even shot some gameplay video, but it looks like the person playing hadn’t practiced much. Here’s a translated version of the article.

The Giant Moto first look post on touchArcade has had over 1,800 views and the Giant Moto preview video on YouTube has been viewed over 2,200 times since I posted it 3 days ago. Awesome!

Giant Moto Preview Video

Here’s the first preview video for our upcoming iPhone/Touch game Giant Moto. Sorry about the shaky camera work. :) I’ve played this game a million times by now and the AI opponents can still beat me on the “hard” difficulty setting. heh

Giant Moto First Look

I’m thrilled to announce that our next game for iPhone and Touch is a motocross arcade racing game called Giant Moto! I’ve been working away all my nights and weekends and I’m happy to say that the game is nearing Beta and it’ll be hitting the app store in just a few short weeks!

You can follow the forum thread on touchArcade to keep up with all the latest info. click.HERE!

I’ll also be looking for beta testers in the next couple of days, so keep an eye on that touchArcade thread for more info soon!

– 6 exciting tracks with more coming in future updates
– 4 moto/rider colors to choose from
– Challenging AI opponents
– Soundtrack by Soul DIVIDED
– Jump, boost, wheelie, and air control
– and more!

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Here are just a few screenshots of Giant Moto. I’ll be posting more on the tA thread and here!

Giant Moto

Giant Moto

Giant Moto

Giant Moto