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Gaga Eyes Hits The App Store

I’m pleased to announce that our new Entertainment / Photography app, Gaga Eyes is now available on the App Store!

With the Gaga Eyes app, you can take pictures using your iPhone’s camera or select pictures from your iPod Touch library and then enhance them with simple on screen controls to give you or your friends huge anime-style eyes! Then you can save the picture, email it to friends or post it to your Facebook wall (Twitter support is coming soon).

So why is it called Gaga Eyes? There are a few scenes in Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video (see it on YouTube) where she has these huge round anime eyes. And it turns out that this look has gone crazy on the internet with tons of people trying to replicate that look in real life. There are all kinds of how-to videos on YouTube and there have been lots of mainstream news stories about how it can be dangerous because these girls are wearing these crazy contact lenses in an attempt to get the look. So we thought it would be cool to create an app that makes it easy to get that doe-eyed Gaga look!

Check out the Gaga Eyes promo video to get a better idea of what you can do in the app:

Here’s the Gaga Eyes app description from the iTunes App Store:

What would you look like if you had huge, gorgeous, saucer eyes like Lady Gaga? What would your friends look like? Why don’t you find out with Gaga Eyes, a fabulous new app that can instantly enhance your picture and give you a look like the worlds biggest pop-star, OMLG!!

Copy Gaga’s amazing syle from “Bad Romance” or come up with your own unique gagafized look! Gaga Eyes lets you customize and adjust the size of your eyes from super cute or super crazy!

This is the first app by Rocket 5 Studios to be localized in 10 different languages! In addition to English, it’s also translated to Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Download Gaga Eyes for your iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store for only 0.99 cents!

In other news, we’ve been hard and work all summer working on some great new games – we have a new action game in development and a new iSpoof game in the works too! I’ll have more info on both of those awesome projects in a future update so stay tuned!