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Alien Booth Is Live On The App Store

Alien Booth Turn yourself into an ALIEN! Our latest app, Alien Booth is now available on the App Store for immediate download to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Alien Booth makes it easy and fun to transform pictures of your friends and family into amazing aliens.
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Alien Booth was born from our Gaga Eyes app when we realized by making a few key changes to our magical formula, we could do a whole lot more. A few extra bulges here, a pinch there and wallah – aliens emerged from otherwise normal portraits of friends, family, coworkers and pets (yes pets… try it on your dog or cat)!

Alien Booth Alien Booth

You can make some pretty crazy looking aliens by placing the eye and mouth markers in different positions – for example try putting the mouth marker on the chin or nose and put the eye markers on the forehead or ears. Or try processing the same image more than once to create even more extreme aliens (save the image and then open it again from the main menu). Low light and blurry photos can make really cool tabloid-style aliens.

Whenever we show the app around to friends, it always gets a big laugh and a lot of attention. But don’t take my word for it, download Alien Booth today and try it for yourself.