Rocket 5 At PAX East 2015 – Booth 7224

Rocket5 PAXEast Booth 7224

Team Rocket 5 will be at PAX East this week in Booth #7224! We’ve been working on a couple of new games that we’ll be showing for the very first time anywhere on the planet! Plus The Phantom PI will be there and we have lots of buttons to give away. And we’re right next to our friends from Bento Miso who will be showing off some other really great games from the Toronto indie scene. So be sure to stop by the booth, say hi and check out our games. We’d love to meet you!

Here’s a handy map to help you find us. Click it to get a full sized version that highlights all the indies that are showing at PAX East! The map was made by the good folks at Robot Loves Kitty, so be sure to give them a high-five when you see them!

PAX East 2015 Indie Meta Booth

We’ll see you in Boston!
-Tim & Cathy

Rocket 5’s 2014 Year In Review

2014 was a roller coaster year for us with lots of ups, a few downs and more than enough twists and turns to make this our most exciting and intense year yet.

We celebrated our 3rd year of incorporation during a time when being an indie studio didn’t mean as much as it did only a year before. When much of the gaming press didn’t want to write about your “cool new game” without some other angle to bite into. And when building a high quality title wasn’t all you needed to get Featured on the stores any more.

And yet our husband-and-wife micro studio did manage to survive the banality of being indie. And we did get a bit of attention from the press. And our first big game release even got featured on the Apple app store! In short, we couldn’t be happier with the way that 2014 turned out; we’re following our dreams, making better games, and gained momentum at every turn!

Here are a few of our favourite moments from 2014:

The Phantom PI Mission Apparition was accepted into the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East! This was easily the biggest honor our studio had received up to this point and it marked our first time ever going to a PAX event. And we were instantly hooked!

Rocket 5 PAX East 2014

Team Rocket 5 in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East

We appeared on a podcast for the first time ever on Guys With Pencils. Thanks Adam and Andrew for giving us the opportunity to break out of our shells on your show. Sadly after 4 years the Guys With Pencils pulled the plug on their regular podcast, but we hope to see them return at some point because they’re awesome at it.

The Phantom PI Mission Apparition launched on iOS with a Best New Game feature on the App Store and gathered some good reviews including 148 Apps Editors Choice and a spot on Gamezebo’s Best iPhone Games of 2014! Just before the game launched, it also won the Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch and Indie Prize’s “Best Game In Show: Critics Choice” and was nominated for “Best Game Story” at Casual Connect!

Phantom PI

Our 2nd ever podcast appearance was with John and Landon over at who also wrote a lovely article about us and the Phantom PI. Thanks guys!

Our last big show of the year was at PAX Prime where we shared a booth with our good friends Golden Gear Games and Bento Miso. Go Team Rocket Gear!

Team Rocket Gear

Team Rocket Gear at PAX Prime 2014

Our super talented friend Jessica, who we first met at PAX East, made us the very first fan art that we ever received! It’s a mosaic of Cecil made from hundreds of tiny tiles and it’s awesome!

Cecil Fan Art

Our very first fan art! Thanks Jessica!

We picked up our first big game contract with Cartoon Network and got to make a fun web game called Knit Wits that’s based on their hilarious and smart Regular Show series. The team over at Cartoon Network are some of the nicest people we’ve met in the industry and we had a great time working with them!

We also released LifeTimesTALK, an app we developed for the good folks at LifeTimes The Game Of Reminiscence. The app is designed to facilitate conversation between seniors, their families, friends and caregivers.

Some other neat stuff that happened: We showed the Phantom PI at GDC Play (our first time ever demoing at a big show!), The Phantom PI was an official selection at the last ever GamerCamp (we’ll miss you!), Tanya Kan interviewed us at the Bit Bazaar Spring Fair (terrifying!), we put Phantom PI on Steam Greenlight (but it stalled out), Phantom PI was live played on Twitch by StreamFriends, Cathy was interviewed by the Autodesk WarpZone crew at GDC, one of our Unity tutorials got over 63k Youtube views and our Facebook page broke the 1,000 likes barrier!

We’re excited for 2015 as it promises to be our biggest and best year yet, and we hope that you’ll be here to share it with us.

Tim, Cathy & Rocket

Knit Wits!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest game, Knit Wits, which we developed for Cartoon Network’s hilarious animated series Regular Show!

Knit Wits

Knit Wits takes place at Eileen’s awesome Christmas sweater party. The party should have been perfect but as the guests begin to arrive, she notices that some of them are wearing the same awesome sweaters! In order to avoid awkward situations, Eileen decides she’s going to keep everyone who’s wearing the same sweater away from each other. As each new guest arrives, the player must direct them by dragging a path to various distractions at the party (like the arcade cabinet, dance floor and the awesome soda table) all while making sure that the guests don’t cross paths. It sounds easy but as more and more guests arrive at the party, the pace gets crazy hectic.

If you’re located in the U.S.A. you can Play Knit Wits now at! We’ll keep you posted as the game becomes available on more Cartoon Network sites around the world.

The Phantom PI Is Going To GamerCamp


If you’re in the Toronto area and you’re a fan of video games, then you probably already know about the amazingly awesome GamerCamp. And if you don’t, then this year is your last chance to catch the great talks and play loads of fantastic games because sadly this will be the last GamerCamp ever. But on the up side, The Phantom PI will be playable all weekend in the pop-up arcade along side 40 other great games!

GamerCamp is this weekend (October 17-19), you can grab tickets right here. We hope to see you there!