Rocket5 Is Going Strong

Thanks for asking! I haven’t had time to add any new posts since Thanksgiving because we’ve been seriously hard at work on our next game! I’m planning to post some screen shots and possibly a work-in-progress video pretty soon.

Holeshot Drag Racing has been getting a few 1-star reviews since our last update which added Agon Leaderboards. I’m concerned that this might be because the version of Agon that I used required users to create a local profile even if they weren’t interested in storing their scores on line. This can be a real turn off if all you want to do is run a few races without having to sign in. The latest version of Agon is more streamlined and doesn’t require this local profile. I’m looking into upgrading now and hopefully will be able to submit an update soon. For now you can just put in some giberish text (like “xxx”) to get past that screen.