Holeshot v1.2 Has Been Submitted to Apple

A new update to Holeshot Drag Racing has been submitted to Apple for approval. The updated version will included the following changes:

– No longer requires you to create a local profile!
– Updated the christmas tree lights to be more realistic
– Reaction Times now display as 0.000 to reflect NHRA and IHRA rules
– Minor tuning to AI (computer) driver
– Updated Reaction Time Help screen
– Performance improvements
– Upgraded to Unity 1.5.1
– Upgraded to Agon 1.4.1

The big change is that Agon used to require you to create a local profile even if you weren’t interested in tracking high scores and awards. This was pretty annoying and probably caused some of you to nuke the game. Sorry about that.

The update should be available in a week or two depending on App Stores approval load.

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