Giant Moto Featured In Best Racing Games

Giant Moto, our Excitebike inspired motocross racing game for the iPhone and Touch is featured in the iTunes store under “Best Racing Games”!

This is great news for Rocket 5 Studios especially considering that there are thousands of racing games on the App Store. This also comes at a good time as I recently updated the game’s interface and I’m in the process of adding OpenFeint in a future update. And this comes right after Small Space XL was featured by Apple in their New & Notworthy iPad games!

Giant Moto Best Racing Games

3 thoughts on “Giant Moto Featured In Best Racing Games

  1. Tim Post author

    Giant Moto has been in the Best Racing Games Feature for about 3 weeks now and is averaging 120 downloads per day!

  2. Tim Post author

    I knew it couldn’t last forever, Apple switched out the Best Racing Games feature and replaced it with Best Sim Sports Games. As a result, sales have fallen off by about 1/2. Just another example of how important visibility is on the app store.

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