XS Force Art and Level Progress

I’m taking a break this week from writing tutorials to show a bit of early XS Force level art. I say early because we’re still tuning the look – we’re heading for something that’s more stylized, less angular – but I thought it would be cool to show what we have at this point since it has been a while since we posted an XS Force development update.

A few days ago I started looking for a new way to build the game’s levels in Unity. I had been building levels from individual sprite tiles, each with their own collision that I made using 2D Toolkit‘s polygon collision editor. This actually works pretty well for building 2d sprite-based levels, but I wanted to be able to create more freeform/organic levels.

A quick search of the Unity Asset Store revealed a plugin called RageSpline. Turns out that RageSpline is great for quickly building vector graphics right inside Unity and also makes it easy to add face accurate collisions to the objects so you can lay down level art and collision at the same time.

That’s all for now. This blog post is part of iDevBlogADay, a collection of indie developers writing about their development experiences.

One thought on “XS Force Art and Level Progress

  1. Wesley Clarke

    Brilliant use of RageSpline and also confirms one of my own ideas, as I had this same idea a while ago. Nice! :)

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