Rocket 5 Buttons at Fan Expo

Rocket 5 ButtonsWe have buttons! Lots and lots of buttons! And we’re giving most of them away at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend!

Becka and Melanie will be handing them out on the floor and Kris Johnson, our Christopher Walken impersonator, will be giving them out at his booth where he’ll be showing off iSpoof Walken and also pimping a 66 page “Spy Guy” Graphic Novel. The booth is located in Artist’s Alley on an end cap right across from the DC Comics and Stylin’ t-shirt booth.

If you stop by the Spy Guy booth, be sure to show Kris your iSpoof Walken app on your iPhone, Touch or iPad and he’ll do a free voicemail impersonation on your phone for you!

Rocket 5 Buttons

I didn’t count all the buttons but I figure we made about 800 buttons in all! Special thanks to Ray, Melanie, Becka, Max, Renee and Cathy for cutting out all the images and making the buttons! We couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. Tim Post author

    Update from Kevin, Day 1 at Fan Expo: Great first day at the fan expo!! Just got home a little while ago. We didn’t sell many buttons but we got a good reaction to the app (No wifi but … alot of people said that they’d buy one when they get home) Saddly, there was a shooting around the expo and most of the news crews had to go cover it. (We’re gonna try and get on) We did get on a few webcasts though.

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