Alien Booth

Alien Booth features the ability to easily transform pictures of friends, family, coworkers and even pets into amazing looking aliens. Alien Booth is available on the iTunes App Store.

Alien Booth iPhone App LineupUsing simple on-screen controls, create fun and realistic looking aliens from pictures taken with the iPhone camera or that are already stored in the iPhone, iPad or Touch photo library.

Easily share aliens on Facebook, Twitter or email from within the app. Save aliens to the photo library and then send them via MMS. Shake the device to see before/after versions of the alien or toggle between before/after portrait and side-by-side views.

Alien Booth features a cool, interactive interface that includes a fingerprint scanner, animated laser image scanner, sound effects, detailed help screens with tips and more.

Alien Booth iPhone App CollageAlien Booth is fun at parties – it’s a great way to meet new people and share contact information. There’s virtually no limit to the wild alien effects that can be created with Alien Booth. And the aliens make great avatars for use on social networking sites.

How it works:
1. Take a picture or choose one from the photo library.
2. Position the markers over the eyes and mouth.
3. Press “GO” to see the face magically transformed.
4. Adjust the color of the alien.
5. Share with friends and family.


Alien Booth is available exclusively through the iPhone App Store in the Entertainment category.

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6 thoughts on “Alien Booth

  1. Cindy

    It says that my picture is saved….. But where??? I want to print it but can’t find it! It’s not in my saved photos where most things go.

  2. riversdirect

    I have loved Alien booth for a while but it does not seem to be working on my new iphone 6. After I render the distorted photo and go to the save screen all I get is a black screen. If I save it I just get a black image saved. Is this a know bug? Thanks so much Rivers

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